Developed from Passion

Thriving from Innovation 

"​Aquatica, with our unrivalled value and passion, is focused on providing safe, cost effective and innovative Submersibles to a variety of subsea markets"

Aquatica Submarines is a Canadian Company established to provide complete design, manufacturing, sales and support, of the various Submersible models in the lineup. This includes sensors, components, manipulators, and other subsea tech. 

The models offered by Aquatica, are designed to be extremely versatile with multiple uses in mind; commercial, ocean science, tourism, media, even personal recreation.  Custom vessels also available. 

A primary goal of Aquatica is to lower the costs involved with Manned Submersibles while maintaining functionality and some of the highest standards for safety.  Reduced shipping and operating cost will allow many more individuals and institutions the ability to gain entry and traction in the Manned Submersibles industry.