Aquatica runs various expeditions and training programs in which anyone can participate.  These will be posted on our website when available, including all booking details.  

open opportunities 


Aquatica currently has several expeditions and opportunities coming up for 2018.


More information for these will be posted soon!

Introductory Pilot Training 

Aquatica runs various Submersible Pilot Training Programs including our 4 day Introductory Course, in which you will get a combination of submersible theory and practical experience, with multiple dives.  And our full Submersible Pilot Training Program in which you will fully trained as a Submersible Pilot.

Shipwreck Expedition on the West Coast

This expedition will be to scan and survey multiple shipwrecks, on the West Coast, with various Archeologists and Scientists.  Probably a Discovery Channel film crew as well!  

Scientific Expedition in Central America

This is an epic expedition planned for Fall 2018, in the amazing waters off Central America - more details will become available when fully confirmed.  Stay tuned!

Once available, these opportunities will have a limited number of available seats.  Sufficient notice will be provided, as will full expedition or program details.

  Please check in regularly for updates.   

interested in diving in a submarine?

​with aquatica you can!