General Specifications

Dry, One Atmosphere

3 Occupants - Pilot plus 2

500 ft Operation Depth​​

166"L x 98"W x 87"H

8,350 lbs Dry Weight

800 lbs Payload

8 hr Endurance

​96 hr Reserve 

10 hp Electric Thrusters

30 kWh AGM Battery

The environment under the World's Oceans is absolutely incredible and the best way to see it - is to get in it! 


​​Safety System Monitoring

Depth Limiter

Drop Weight & Release Buoy

RF Beacon x/Xenon strobe


CTD Sensor

Scanning Sonar

LED Lighting

Spare ports for additional equipment

"The craft displayed a remarkable nimbleness and ease of handling in all three dimensions"

Dr. Robert Falls, Phd, RPBio  

Executive Director Centre for Applied Earth Observation 

University of British Columbia

Nothing can compare to actual “eyes on” when working or exploring the wonderful ocean's.  With unparalleled visibility, exceptional stability and maneuverability, and the comfort of a climate controlled cabin - Aquatica submersibles are the ideal choice.

These vehicles represent the culmination of years of accumulated experience and expertise, resulting in an exquisite piece of underwater technology capable of both delivering its occupants in safety and one atmosphere.  The ability to observe face-to-face subsea activity as well as providing a direct, hands on working tool, giving in-situ operators instantaneous feedback and results, and an ability to manage complex assignments too difficult or impractical for remote operations.

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